The ASEA Breakthrough

Download ASEA Compensation Plan

As an associate, you are able to purchase ASEA at wholesale pricing and receive payment in 6 seperate ways.

  1. Retail Sales: Sell some ASEA, make a profit.
  2. Preferred Customer Bonus: Sign up a preferred customer. They get a discount on the product, and you earn $25 every time they purchase a case of ASEA on Autoship.
  3. Fast Start Bonus: Enroll someone with an ASEA Product Pack, and earn an instant Fast Start Bonus.
  4. Team Commissions: Build two “legs” in your organization, and earn 10% of the volume of the smaller leg.
  5. AAA Bonus: The AAA Bonus is by far the most powerful and immediately lucrative residual portion of the ASEA Compensation Plan.
  6. Check Match: Earn check matches on Associates you’ve personally sponsored, and the ones they’ve sponsored, and so on… up to 7 generations!
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