ASEA Compensation Plan

To start earning commissions from ASEA (Retail, Preferred Customer, Fast Start, Team Commissions, and AAA Bonus) simply be active by generating a minimum of 100PV (Personal Volume) every month. If your goal is to earn additional commissions (Check Match), focus on generating a minimum of 200PV each month. Before you know it, you’ll be receiving checks because the Retail, Preferred Customer, Fast Start, Team Commissions and Check Match are paid weekly, and the AAA Bonus is paid monthly.


Retail Sales are just one way to make a profit. Sell some ASEA and increase your earnings! Here’s how it works. As an Associate, you can purchase ASEA products at the wholesale price, sell them at the retail price, and then pocket the difference. Or you can send someone to your website where they can purchase ASEA products at the retail price and we will pay you $30, the difference between the retail ($150) and wholesale price ($120). The volume generated from retail sales is 100CV (Commissionable Volume) per case and counts towards personal volume requirements and is added to your lesser volume leg.


When you sign up a Preferred Customer, you’ll both benefit! Your Preferred Customer will get a discount on the product with wholesale pricing through ASEA’s Preferred Customer Autoship Program, and you will earn a $25 bonus every time they purchase a case of ASEA on Autoship. If they purchase two cases of product, then you’ll receive $50, and so on. To receive this bonus you must be active (generating 100PV in a month). The volume for each case purchased by a Preferred Customer is 50CV and this volume counts towards personal volume requirements and is added to your lesser volume leg.


You can earn an instant Fast Start Bonus every time you personally sponsor someone who purchases an ASEA Product Pack during the enrollment process. Even better, this one-time Fast Start Bonus will be given to you and your qualified uplines who are active.
*If any Associate in the 3 qualified positions for Fast Start is not eligible, the commission they would have received will compress up to the next level, guaranteeing a 100% payout of the Fast Start Bonus. **Product Pack example based on cases of ASEA bottles. Price and bonus represented in USD.


The AAA Bonus is by far the most powerful and immediately lucrative residual portion of the ASEA Compensation Plan. As you begin to build your team of Associates the AAA (ASEA Autoship Advantage) Program will help to return your initial investment in your ASEA business. You can also qualify to make up to $750 a month by creating and maintaining a AAA Bonus Structure with as little as 28 Associates on Autoship. To participate in the AAA Bonus Program make sure you and all of the qualifiers are on Autoship with a minimum of 100PV per order.

There are three levels to this bonus, shown below.


Team Commissions (TC) are the foundation of the ASEA compensation plan. Your organization of Associates is known as the binary, and has two legs—your left leg and your right leg. All of the Associates placed under you will be in one of these legs. Associates under you in your binary do not necessarily have to be personally sponsored by you. You, your sponsor, or anyone else above you in the binary can place Associates in your organization in either one of your legs. This is known as spillover. Your Group Volume (GV) is the sum total of the PV of all Associates in all or a portion of your organization.

To start earning Team Commissions you need to:

  • Be active (100PV) and qualified
  • Have an active (100PV) personally sponsored Associate on your left and right binary legs

Team Commissions are paid weekly by calculating and paying out 10% of the volume in your lesser volume leg. For example, if you had 5,000GV on your lesser leg and 7,000GV on your greater leg, you would receive a commission of $500 (10% of the 5,000GV lesser leg). Then 5,000 would be subtracted from both legs, leaving 0 on your lesser leg and 2,000 on the greater leg for the next week.

Any leftover volume on your greater leg will carry over to the next week, as long as you remain active with at least 100PV. Please see the glossary under Carry Over for the carry over limits.

If you do not remain active during a qualification period with at least 100PV, the volume on both the left and right legs will be reset to zero. There must be a minimum of 300CV on each leg in order to earn a Team Commission. Any personal volume (PV) over 200 in a week will be added into the lesser team leg.

Team Commission Earning Potential


With Check Match, you can earn a match on the Team Commissions paid to Associates you’ve personally sponsored, and the ones they’ve sponsored, and so on, up to seven generations! Check Match is determined on the rank you achieve, and your personal sponsorship tree, which is simply all of the Associates you’ve personally sponsored and the Associates that they have personally sponsored, and so on. In each personal sponsorship tree leg, each personally sponsored Associate begins a new leg, and a generation ends with a qualified ranked Associate of Bronze Executive or higher.

The great news is that there are no limits to the width of your personal sponsorship tree, so you can continue to add more legs in order to add Associates to your generations! The maximum amount of Team Commissions that you can match per Associate in your personal enrollment tree within the qualified generations is $2,500.

The example in Figure 3 will help you understand how the Check Match works within the sponsorship tree. In this example let’s consider that you (top of your sponsorship tree) are active with a minimum of 200PV and are qualified as a Silver Executive. This means that you will earn the Check Match through two generations on each of your four personal sponsorship legs. Once a qualified Bronze Executive or above is found on any leg, it completes the first generation for that particular leg.

As you can see, 1, 2, 3, and 4 are your personally sponsored Associates and are blue (first generation). In these legs there are additional Associates underneath them that are blue, since they also count as your first generation. In this example, A, B, C, and D, which are blue or first generation, are qualified as Bronze Executives or above and therefore they complete the first generation for each sponsorship leg. In this example, you will earn a Check Match on 13 Associates (blue) for your first generation match.

As a Silver Executive you can earn two generations of Check Match, so you would also earn the match on the seven Associates who are represented by the color green (your second generation). However, you will not earn a match on the Associate represented by the color orange, since E qualified as a Bronze Executive or higher and completes the second generation. In order to earn a match on your third generation you would need to qualify as a Gold Executive.

As you increase in rank, more generations will be added into your Check Match commission. The breakdown of generations included in your CM is as follows: Bronze (1 generation), Silver (2 generations), Gold (3 generations), Platinum (4 generations), Diamond (5 generations), Double Diamond (6 generations), and Triple Diamond (7 generations). As you can see, increasing your rank only increases the number of generations you can benefit from with Check Match!

ASEA will calculate the CM as a floating percentage of company-wide commissionable volume, and will guarantee a payout of up to 50% of commissionable volume every commission period. Bronze Executives and above must be active with at least 200PV to earn CM, and weekly commissions from CM cannot exceed the volume from your lesser volume leg.

For leaders who have achieved over 10,000PGV (Personal Group Volume) weekly and have qualified to earn Check Match %, an adjustment to the CM % earned will be made based on the size of the largest sponsorship leg. This calculation looks at the total weekly PV in the largest leg 7 generations down, compared to the total PGV 7 generations down, and divides the volume of the largest leg by the total PGV for the week to get its payout %. For example, if your total PGV is 12,000 and your largest leg PV is 8,000 your volume contribution % from that leg is 66%. This would mean that you would earn 80% of the CM % for 7 generations in that leg.

ASEA Rank and Qualifications



 Associate  Enroll in ASEA and generate 100PV monthly
 Director  Be Team Commission qualified and generate at least 100PV monthly
 Director 300  Achieve 300GV weekly in lesser volume leg and generate at least 100PV monthly
 Director 700  Achieve 700GV weekly in lesser volume leg and generate at least 100PV monthly
 Bronze Executive  Have two sponsorship legs with a Director 300 in each, 2,000GV weekly in the lesser leg, generate 200PV monthly
 Silver Executive  Have three sponsorship legs with a Director 300 in each, 3,000GV weekly in lesser leg, generate 200PV monthly
 Gold Executive  Have four sponsorship legs with a Director 300 in each, 5,000GV weekly in lesser leg, generate 200PV monthly
 Platinum Executive  10,000PGV* weekly sponsorship tree volume and 10,000GV weekly in lesser leg, must average both volume requirements for two weeks and have five sponsorship legs with a Director 300 in each, generate 200PV monthly
 Diamond  15,000PGV* weekly and 15,000GV weekly in lesser leg, must average both volume requirements for two weeks and have six sponsorships legs with a Director 300 in each, generate 200PV monthly
 Double Diamond  20,000PGV* weekly and 20,000GV weekly in lesser leg, must average both volume requirements for three weeks and have seven sponsorship legs with a Director 300 in each, generate 200PV monthly
 Triple Diamond  25,000PGV* weekly and 25,000GV weekly in lesser leg, must average both volume requirements for three weeks and have seven sponsorship legs with a Director 300 in each, generate 200PV monthly
*PGV may not have more than 50% of the PGV from any one sponsorship tree leg. The 50% is determined based on the qualifying rank. For example for the rank of Platinum the weekly PGV requirement is 10,000. 50% of 10,000 is 5,000, so the maximum that each sponsorship leg can add towards the volume qualification is 5,000. This is the same for any rank with a PGV requirement.


  • ACTIVE You remain an active Associate by generating a minimum of 100PV in each monthly period.
  • AUTOSHIP An automated program that ships products to an Associate or preferred customer on their chosen date each month. This program is recommended so that no Associate will miss a qualification period by missing an order.
  • BUSINESS CENTER Your position in the Team Commission pay structure.
  • CARRY OVER Carry over is volume that is not paid out (normally on the larger leg of the Binary) when Team Commissions are generated as long as the Associate is Active. There are two factors that affect the carry over allowed. 1. The most that can be carried over annually is limited to 2 million CV. 2. For those Associates that have reached the maximum payout in Team Commission and have volume above the maximum being carried over on the lesser leg, they can use the carry over on the lesser leg for Team Commissions provided they are bringing new volume into their lesser leg. The allowable payout on the carried over volume on the lesser leg is 1 volume of carried over volume for every 4 points of new volume.
  • COMMISSION PERIOD The period in which the volume is calculated from product sales to produce commissions and bonuses. The weekly commission period runs from Saturday at 12:00:00 a.m. Eastern Time to Friday at 11:59:59 p.m. Eastern Time.
  • COMMISSIONABLE VOLUME The volume amount that commissions are paid on. CV is determined by adding up all orders underneath you placed on that leg for that period. Each order is assigned a commissionable amount that may be different than the qualifying amount and price of the item. GBU Globally Business Unit. 1
  • GBU represents 1 US dollar. GV Group Volume is the sum total of the PV of all Associates in all or a portion of Team Commission organization.
  • LESSER VOLUME LEG The leg in the binary structure with the lesser amount of volume.
  • LIFETIME RANK The highest rank achieved by an Associate, used for recognition purposes.
  • MONTHLY COMMISSION PERIOD ASEA defines Monthly Commission Period based on individual calendar months.
  • PAID AS RANK The rank which an Associate qualifies for and is paid at for a given commission period.
  • PGV Personal Group Volume is the sum total of the PV of all the Associates in your personal sponsorship tree.
  • PREFERRED CUSTOMER (PC) Is a customer who has signed up on Autoship. A PC is not involved with the opportunity at ASEA, they are simply consumers of the producT. A PC is not designed for redistribution or resale, but rather personal consumption.
  • PV Personal Volume is the volume from product purchases attributed to your business center, which qualify an Associate to receive commissions.
  • QUALIFIED You become qualified to earn Team Commissions by personally sponsoring an Associate who is active on your left leg and your right leg.
  • RETAIL CUSTOMER A Retail Customer is defined as someone who purchases the product at retail cost. Retail customers purchase product on an “ondemand” basis.
  • SPONSORSHIP TREE The sponsorship tree is the Associate structure that determines Check Match bonuses. All personally enrolled Associates are at the first level in an Associate’s sponsorship tree, no matter in which binary leg they are placed. Their personally enrolled Associates are the second level in the sponsorship tree, and so on.