How To Drink ASEA

ASEA is the world's first and only Redox Signaling supplement and offers amazing benefits. There are a few basics about ASEA you should know.

ASEA Directions:

  • Take at least two ounces once or twice a day. Many customers find better results by increasing to four ounces per serving during the first month. 
  • Take ASEA straight - do not mix with anything.
  • Use plastic or glass cups when drinking ASEA.
  • Avoid drinking ASEA directly from the bottle.
  • Because of the one-way value, you may drink directly from the ASEA pouch.
  • ASEA is 100% safe, non-toxic, and native to the body.
  • No need to refrigerate.
  • Do not run out of ASEA!

Note: If product arrives frozen, allow to thaw completely before use. ASEA is not sensitive to extreme cold or heat.